A Homeowner Question

Question: Should I be concerned with the small puddle of water that has developed under and around the hot water heater in my basement?


2 thoughts on “A Homeowner Question

  1. Maybe yes, maybe no, it depends on where the water is from. Try to figure that out see if there’s a drip and where it’s coming from.


    It could be that the water heater itself is leaking. That’s not good because it could mean a catastrophic leak. Like Noah’s flood in your basement.

    It could be that your heater’s overflow pipe is simply working. It’s supposed to leak because it’s releaving pressure inside your tank.

    It could also be that you have a leak somewhere else in your basement and it’s finding it’s way to the lowest part which is often where the water heater is placed.

    Good luck. Careful though you’re dealing with hot water and maybe gas or electricity.

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