I Love The Heat

One of my neighbors just stopped by to see if I’ll participate in this year’s Husker football pool. (An aside: About 10 families along our street draw numbers each week based on the pending Husker football game. The winner gets $30. At the end of the season, we gather at the Millard Roadhouse for dinner.)

After a bit of chitchat, my neighbor asked if my air conditioner was on. She probably noticed my windows open and thought I was crazy for running the a/c with my windows open.

I told her that no, my a/c wasn’t on. And she couldn’t believe. She actually yelled and said, “How can you stand it?”

How can I stand it, when it’s in the 90s every day? I don’t mind the heat. It’s the cold I can’t stand.

This quote from “When Harry Met Sally” sums it up best: “I love that you get cold when it’s 71 degrees out.”

I do. I am cold more than I am hot. My doctor said it’s because I’m too thin. But I still eat like a horse and don’t gain much weight. (Hate me, I know, but it’s the honest truth.)

Anyone seen my electric blanket?


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