The Top 8

Last night, while dining at Marks, Molly, Jimmy and I got to talking about My Space.

More importantly, we turned our discussion to the Top 8.

The My Space Top 8 has turned functioning, cerebral, professional adults into, literally, children.

Who’s listed on our Top 8s can be a huge matter. One wrong placement of a person and, just like that, a friendship could be ruined forever and a day.

Someone’s Top 8 could change daily, based on the potential of blossoming relationships or the destruction of old ones.

Consciously listing a person on your Top 8 is quite the commitment and testament to your relationship, especially when you have 20 or more My Space “friends.” (We’ve all accepted friend requests from complete strangers simply to boost our number of friends. Guilty as charged, I say.)

Making one’s Top 8 is a mighty feat — or, no feat at all, if the account holder has less than eight friends listed. Making the Top 8 by default can be rather pathetic.

Hearing us continually utter the phrase “Top 8” last night sounded so silly, though. We’re grownups, for God’s sake.


5 thoughts on “The Top 8

  1. i hear that. someone once told me that doug and i were “meant to be together” simply because i had doug AND fizzle like a flood in my top 8. wtf?

  2. I know! It’s like Junior High all over again. Which you should be in, really, to claim you have a MySpace in public. :) I keep MySpace tucked away, like a secret Russian lover on a cold winter’s night.

  3. Top 16, instead!

    Hahaaaaa, Wendy!! So true about the Top 8 (and all of MySpace, in general) turning grown adults into complete children!

    But great news that I just discovered — you can actually turn your “top 8” into a “top 16” list very quickly. Just follow the directions on this page:

    Now we can all offend less friends! ;-)

    See ya,

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