One Mac For Another Mac?

For the past two years or so I’ve been the proud owner of a 12″ PowerBook G4. I love this little beauty, but something has me craving the new 15″ MacBook Pro.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with my PowerBook. It’s still as gorgeous as the day I brought her home, removed her from her sleek packaging and spent several hours transferring my data and customizing the many preferences.

Bringing home a new Macintosh — or any Apple product, for that matter — is a joyous experience.

But a larger screen would be nice, as would the built-in iSight.

What’s a girl to do?

You know, Omaha is receiving its first Apple Store later this year. Perhaps at that time I’ll celebrate yet another Apple-related occasion buy buying the new MacBook Pro. Especially when, as a Cox employee, I receive a discount off Apple products.

Oh, happy day.


3 thoughts on “One Mac For Another Mac?

  1. MacBook Pro

    Cool! You get Apple discounts for being a Cox employee? Verrry nice benefit!

    You know, as cool as the MacBook Pros are, I would TRY to hold off until the next generation (if you can). That’s what I’m doing! I never like to buy a first generation product from Apple. The stories about these machines running hot are true! Let’s see if Apple can fix the issue by revision 2.

    Plus, I heard rumors that they may be adding a real 2-button trackpad into the next revision, so I’m gonna wait to see if it’s true!


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