Random Act of Caffeine Kindness

On my way to work yesterday, I decided to change things up a bit by stopping at Crane Coffee for a latte, as opposed to my regular Starbucks stomping ground.

The drive-through line was a bit long as I ordered a tall Caramel Dream.

When I approached the window to pay for my latte, I discovered that the woman one car ahead of me already paid for my drink.

“It’s just a random thing,” the barista informed me as she leaned out the little window and handed me my latte.

That most certainly made my day. Nothing like that has happened to me at Starbucks.

Perhaps I’ll do the same and make someone else’s day by picking up the tab on their favorite caffeine drink, be it hot or cold.


4 thoughts on “Random Act of Caffeine Kindness

  1. Yeah, that used to happen all the time, and I’d forgotten about that! People’s reactions were always that they were going to go out and do something nice for someone else now.

    Isn’t that the concept behing “Pay it Forward”?

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