Rubbing Elbows

Here’s a photo taken Saturday morning at the start of the 2006 Omaha Farmers Market. I represented the company I work for, because we’re a sponsor this year.

I’m standing next to Omaha City Councilman Jim Vokal. The guy in the sunglasses is Mayor Mike Fahey. The woman is an executive for a local bank.

I love how the three of us are holding cups of coffee — and how I look like a college student who wandered into this little event at the last minute. (Chuck Taylors and messenger bags, anyone?)


6 thoughts on “Rubbing Elbows

  1. Hmm… I see the Mayor is a fan of Crane Coffee… And you? What do you have to say for yourself, holding that foreign cup? I just hope to God it isn’t Starbucks.

    I second your cuteness. Miss you!!!

    Your ex-Crane Sister

    • Fahey is never — and I mean NEVER — without a cup of Crane Coffee. I wonder if he gets it for free for being Our Fearless Leader, or if he just has a reloadable gift card.

      My coffee is from Aroma’s in the Old Market. (We went there when you were in town for Christmas.) But I’m usually at Starbucks twice, three times a week. In fact, I stopped there this morning.

  2. you look like ralphie from ‘a christmas story’ after he saved his family from back bart n crew! so proud! :-P


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