Branch By Branch

About two weeks ago, I returned home after my weekly adoration to find a massive branch had fallen from the tree in my backyard, crashing to the ground. The branch was probably 8 feet in length and, I discovered, extremely heavy.

I pulled the branch onto my back patio that windy Monday night.

And there, the branch sat.

On Sunday, I went outside (it was a lovely day weather-wise) and began breaking apart the branch, piece by piece. I don’t own a saw or any type of tool that would assist me breaking down the branch, save my two hands.

And as I pulled, snapped and broke down the branches, I realized that, as in life, large tasks must be tackled one branch at a time.

It takes time to do anything right, and you may get a few scratches along the way. My injured hands are certainly proof of that.

However, these scratches will heal and the broken branches were hauled away, leaving behind a clean slate to begin anew.


What are you thinking?

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