On Being Catholic

I dig Catholicism.

But I didn’t always.

There were a few years in college where I didn’t make time for Mass, confession and the like. But when life quickly changes on you, leaving some fear in its wake, you cling to what you know.

And for me, that’s Catholicism.

I’ve rediscovered my love of Catholic traditions, such as Perpetual Adoration. My weekly hour is something I continually look forward to.

Part of me wishes I was alive before Vatican II. When thousand-year-old traditions were celebrated and explained a bit more. When religion was so gorgeously old fashioned and historic.

And I’d love to attend a Mass entirely in Latin.


4 thoughts on “On Being Catholic

  1. There are some churches which still conduct Latin masses for special occasions, especially if the priests at a particular parish are old enough. You could trek on up to Montana, and hang around until Mel Gibson shows up at his ranch. The church where he lives only conducts Latin masses, because Mel’s from a fringe group that rejects the changes put forth in Vatican II. You win some, you lose some, I suppose…

  2. Is there a Tridentine parish in your area? They do the Latin mass.

    You could also look up an Orthodox Church- it’s foreign, undoubtedly, to the Western ear and eye, but is much closer in spirit to the old Latin Mass than any of the contemporary junk today.

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