Fashion Emergency

Allow me to be a Girly Girl for a moment.

On Thursday, I’m attending an award banquet at my alma matter, the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

I purchased this adorable knee-lenth, strapless polka dot gown (with a hot pink crendelin, I might add)…

..which I will wear with this fitted white blazer. (If I celebrate at the bars following the banquet, you can bet the white blazer will stay in the car.)

As such, I need shoes to complete my look. I found the following two pairs today.

Which shoes, loyal readers, should adorn my feet Thursday night? (Ignore the jeans, of course.)

Option #1

Option #2

# # #


4 thoughts on “Fashion Emergency

  1. Shoesies

    I vote Option #2, without a doubt. An ankle strapped shoe paired with a knee-length dress will only “cut” your legs and make you look short/stumpy. The second pair will make your legs look like they begin from the base of your toes. Plus, they’re much more delicate. The Mary Janes are too clunky with such a girlygilry dress — save them for some killer pants.

    Your very fasion-conscious sister

    • Re: Shoesies

      I tried on the dress with both shoes and nearly peed my pants when I put on Option #1. I love describing my legs at stumpy!

      Option #2 KILL my feet, though. I don’t know if I could make it through the night.

  2. Strappy heel with bow! But I do own the pair with the flower…I get asked everytime if they are Kate Spade. If they only knew…


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