Cox Communications Discount

If you or someone you know in the Omaha area plans on signing up for TV, phone or high-speed Internet with Cox Communications, let me know. I can get them their first six months of service at half-price, based on a friends/family special. This is for new customers only.

Email me at work for the details:


2 thoughts on “Cox Communications Discount

  1. Check you out…shillin’ for the man.
    This is totally gonna ruin your indie street cred. ;-)

    I think I had a dream with you in it in the past few nights…not quite sure what it was all about, but I remember dreaming and you were there.

    • No, no, no! You see, employees who sign up new customers through the friends/family discount are entered into a drawing for a fabulous vacation. (Vegas or Mexico; I don’t recall at the moment.)

      So, OK, maybe I am “shillin’ for the man.” Sue me!

      Weird how you can dream about me, although we’ve never met.

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