Tender Is The Night

Tonight was proof that the best nights happen when they’re not planned. Let me explain.

I’m sitting here in bed, with a sore throat from yelling and drinking too much, reeking of tobacco all the while. I spent several hours at The Homy Inn this evening for Molly’s birthday. While at The Homy, I ran into a few friends of mine I hadn’t seen in months.

We did shots and talked. We told dirty jokes and flung empty, salty peanut shells at drunk bar patrons.

I haven’t closed down a bar in quite some time. It was awesome.

And what made this evening so enjoyable was that it was, for the most part, unplanned. It was spontaneous and funny and loud and smokey and wonderful.

Thanks Rick and Damien for an awesome evening. And congrats on signing to Saddle Creek.


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