Honesty Is Thy Name

I had the sublime pleasure of hearing Steve Wozniak speak today at a technology symposium sponsored by Cox Communications, my employer du jour.

Woz, co-founder of Apple Computer, discussed his life as then versus now, working with Steve Jobs on the very first Macintosh computer and how his life has changed since then.

Someone in the audience, during the Q&A session, asked the Great and Powerful Woz to share his thoughts on maintaining one’s privacy in a very public world.

Woz’s answer was one I wasn’t expecting: That by sharing his life online — whether it be through emails, IMs, blogs, etc. — he is allowed to live a more honest and truthful life. Woz says he has nothing to hide, and I respect that.

That’s part of the reason I maintain this very blog. Having a blog allows me to remain accountable, to a certain degree, for the life I’m living today.


3 thoughts on “Honesty Is Thy Name

    • Re: Woz

      The dinner Woz spoke at Tuesday night at the Qwest Center was advertised in the Omaha World-Herald and B2B Quarterly. He stayed the evening in Omaha and spoke at the Cox-sponsored symposium on Wednesday. It was pretty sweet.

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