Just Say It

Have you heard about this “program” where people share their deepest secrets via anonymous postcards to a stranger in Maryland? I find it absolutely fascinating.


6 thoughts on “Just Say It

  1. I lovelovelove PostSecret, but I’m disappointed that they’ve become so popular. Not because they’ve gotten popular, I guess, but because they put out that book and took down a lot of the old ones. I liked it better when they kept everything up there…you could go back for months. I wish they had left the archives up instead of taking them down to try to sell a dumb book that nobody is going to buy.

      • I can’t remember. Probably somebody mentioned it on LJ, though. That’s how I stumble across most of the cool sites. I’m thinking it might have been somebody from the FOUND OBJECTS community or something about a year ago. It’s such an amazing site. But, as I said, they now limit how many cards they show (due to bandwidth restrictions, I’m sure). I liked it better when you could spend a long time going through all of them. Some band, although I can’t remember who at the moment, used PostSecret cards in their video a few months ago. The site got a big bump after that, but I’m sure that they’re getting pounded after the 20/20 thing. Nice.

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