You Still Got Yours?

Did you own a Cabbage Patch Kid?

I did.

Well, OK. I still do own my Cabbage Patch Kids. She’s a bald premature baby named Isadorah Blanch.

Anyway, the point, the point…

The point: There’s this adorable little boy sitting with his mom next to me who looks exactly like a Cabbage Patch Kid. You know, with the cute nose and round face.

If only I still had my camera phone, I could snap a photo.

But that would be bad. I can’t imagine his mother would like a stranger taking her son’s photo.


4 thoughts on “You Still Got Yours?

    • I’m good, but not THAT good…

      By the way, I read your post about Saturday’s Led Zeppelin show at the Holland Center. I was there and loved it, as well!

      Didn’t you just want to yell, cheer and holler for the teacher?


      • Oh wow! Great to hear you were there too!

        The teacher was so awesome! I did yell, cheer, and holler for her :) I even joined in chanting “Julie! Julie! Julie!” because she could actually hear me even with my mousey voice (I sat right behind her).

        My boyfriend was kicking himself for not volunteering, since he used to conduct his high school band when his teacher came down with a case of mono.

      • But when they say “we need a volunteer,” you never know what that will entail. I was, however, impressed that they said Julie was the best “volunteer” they’ve had.

        Hooray for Omaha!


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