Serious Blog Withdrawal

So since starting my new job, the only time I’m finding to update this lovely blog is from my PowerBook at Whole Foods on my lunch hour. Several meetings in the evening have kept me away from my beloved PowerBook, and the ability to update.

But, do not fret, friends. I’ll provide more details of my wonderful position at Cox this weekend.


Live well.


2 thoughts on “Serious Blog Withdrawal

  1. whole foods


    I’ll meet you at Whole Foods. I never look at my stats on that site of mine, but the other day I did, and there were several hundred from someplace called WendyWriter. Woman, you must have a following. Anyway, if you get a chance please scan that burning typewriter image. I’ll try to fit it in my header where the golden gate bridge currently resides.

    Your pal, Rick

    • Re: whole foods

      Wow, Rick. Several hundred? I knew people read my blog, but I not several hundred.

      Yep, I’ll scan the burning typewriter this weekend and send it your way.

      Whole foods it is! Let’s do it.


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