Why I Love Molly

An email I received from my dear friend, Molly Gordon, who has become a die-hard Macintosh fan, like myself:

I am dog sitting this week. I have to use a dell laptop–it is what they have at their house. I hate it. It drives me insane. It is ugly and bulky…and my hands cramp from the funny way I have to bend them to type. Just wanted to vent…I know you’d understand.

Yes, Molly, I do understand. All too well.


2 thoughts on “Why I Love Molly

  1. i used to own a dell laptop before this lovely IBook. buh. my parents ignored my high school graduation wishes for a powerbook; they took that to mean a dell inspiron 2650. luckily, the casing was so cheap that the LCD half snapped off. :D

    god, i hated that computer. it was so.. UGLY. and loud. lol.

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