The Starbucks Effect

Call me Malcom Gladwell, but I discovered a phenomenon I like to call The Starbucks Effect.

First, the background: A few months ago, I had a meeting at a Starbucks not far from my office. The staff was rowdy and unorganized. I literally waited nearly 15 minutes for them to make my white chocolate mocha.

Although I was fuming because of the delay, I didn’t leave because the woman I was meeting was running late.

So I waited.

And while waiting, I vowed never to return to that Starbucks again. Either drive-through or in-store. Ever.

But what happened?

I returned.

Again. And again. And yet again.

And I was there today, after lunch, driving through to order a grande cinnamon dolce latte.


The legal dose of addictive stimulant wakes me up. And it tastes good.

So despite my valiant efforts to make a small impact as an American Consumer, I grew weak in the knees and returned.

Starbucks, how you slay me so.


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