A U2 Review

Prologue: This review is delayed due to a 24-hour flu bug I came down with after the show Thursday night. Here’s to good health!

Random thoughts following Thursday’s Kanye West/U2 show at Qwest Center Omaha:

• The crowd was much more mature than music fans who saw Dave Matthews Band last month. That made the experience Thursday night much more enjoyable.

• Although I had difficulty understanding Kanye’s lyrics — sound problems, perhaps? — he put on a great show. Lots of dialogue with the audience, which I always find an important part of any concert experience.

• The technical/production aspect of U2’s performance was amazing. Lots of color. Lots of light. Continuously changing, which made you not want to take your eyes off the stage.

• The ellipse you may have read about really brought Bono, the Edge and the rest of the band close to the crowd. The changing colors around the ellipse was awesome, as well.

• The music: non-stop audibly delicious. Highlights for me were “One” and “Mysterious Ways.”

• Bono spent about 20 minutes promoting his One.org campaign, which I felt was time well spent.


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