Two Hours To Go…

…Until Apple announces its new product. Rumor has it that Apple will unveil a video iPod.

And speaking of the California-based company, Matthew and I leave tomorrow for four, sun-filled and fun-filled days in California, visiting my sister. She lives in Fullerton and it will be go-go-go the whole time we’re there. Hopefully it will include a stop at an Apple Store, as well. Disneyland is Saturday! I can’t wait.

Until then, I have to get through a few projects at work and a dental appointment. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for no cavities. I have a sweet tooth like no other.


4 thoughts on “Two Hours To Go…

  1. I can’t wait for the unveil! Haha…I’ve also heard rumors that it could possibly be the new powerbooks … but the timing just doesn’t seem right yet for that.

    I have the worst sweet tooth … and the cavities to show! And I’m a flossing freak too! I hate that. Argh.

    Good luck kid!

    • I know! And I just bought a new iPod a month or so ago. Buyer’s remorse if there ever was!

      The new iMacs do look great, especially when they come with a built-in iSight camera. How cool is that!

      • I’m actually quite happy that I bought my new iPod LAST WEEK! I’m not thrilled with the video iPods yet. None of the old accessories work with the new ones and they are only USB … not firewire.

        I definitely want to get a new iMac … my old one is getting cranky for new memory and whatnot and I don’t feel like putting any in … I’d rather shell out the money to buy a new computer. Haha.

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