Whole Foods Market

Omaha celebrated the opening of its first Whole Foods Market yesterday. Never before have I experienced such an amazing grocery store. The produce: gorgeous. The breads: delicious. There were free samples everywhere. Whole Foods Market has a sushi bar, coffee kiosk and DIY meals from a number of deli stations.

Matthew and I made a few purchases: organic crunchy peanut butter and a loaf of organic wheat bread; a jug of organic cranberry-peach juice; and a loaf of freshly baked bread.

Matthew, who’s never met an olive he didn’t like, purchased a small tub of black pitted olives.

We’ve decided to go to Whole Foods in a few days and just eat lunch or dinner there. Treat it like a restuarat and explore everything.

The desserts I saw, by the way, were amazing. I sampled a warm molten chocolate cake.

I’m still drooling.


5 thoughts on “Whole Foods Market

  1. Whole Foods is AMAZING. I’m surprised they’ve just opened one in Omaha. I would have figured there was one there for a while.

    They’ve got amazing recipes on their website by the way … don’t know if you’d checked that out yet or not.


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