Cut the Cards for Good

[Thanks to Chris Machian for sending this my way.]

If you are tired of getting unwanted credit card applications in the mail, you can now stop the junk mail.

New Federal Trade Commission laws require banks that send out pre-screened credit card applications to tell you how to be removed from their mailing lists.

That law took effect August 1st.

There’s a Web site and phone number where you can sign up to stop getting those credit card offers.

Try this:


3 thoughts on “Cut the Cards for Good

    • It is so funny that you mentioned that movie. I’ve never seen it and was going to add it to my Netflix list this afternoon.

      How can someone be like me if she’s Asian? I imagine you mean her sparkling personality and outstanding writing skills, right? :-)

      • haha YEAH THAT TOO. but no, she just does look like you kinda only with darker skin. and she has glasses. i dunno. she’s probably only half asian so she’s not THAT asian.

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