Oh iPod, My iPod

I’ve had my new iPod for about four days now, and I absolutely love knowing I have 40GB of space yet to fill with songs and photos.

Speaking of photos, having photos on the iPod is a wonderful feature. I love looking a photos on my iPod rather than my cell phone.

A busy weekend ahead: Parties tonight, Saturday night and Sunday night. I hope I find time to wrap up a Wedding Dresses article, as well as read more of “The Drawing of the Three,” the second of Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” series, this weekend. I also have the latest issue of Oprah’s magazine sitting on my shelf, as well as countless issues of The New Yorker.

It looks like it could rain today. It wouldn’t be all that bad to have a few showers pass over Omaha.


3 thoughts on “Oh iPod, My iPod

  1. You’re so adorable. I am having issues with my iPod right now, so I’m not so happy with it. They’re giving me a replacement because mine was all messed up … so I think I’m going to just say screw it, sell it on Ebay and buy one of the new color ones. I’ve had nothing but trouble with the one I’ve got right now. Ha…so yeah, now that I’ve ranted about MY ipod problems…

    You’re a busy girl! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!

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