Apple Insomnia, or iCannot Sleep

There are several reasons why I’m awake and at my Macintosh at this hour.

One, I purchased Apple’s new 60GB color iPod this evening. Hooray! I’m so geeked up over the color screen and triple the hard drive, I can’t sleep. I’m just watching the songs slowly transfer to my new beauty.

Two, Matthew and I visited Caribou Coffee for the first time this evening. I ordered some kind of s’mores-inspired coffee drink. It was delicious. And caffeine after 7 p.m. can occasionally keep me from slumber.

Three, I’m deep into “The Dark Tower” series and want to read the whole night through. But I can’t, you see, because I have to work at 8 tomorrow morning.

After my PowerBook transfers my 3,800 songs to my iPod — and I have sufficient time to play around with my new love — I’ll post my thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Apple Insomnia, or iCannot Sleep

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