The Great Outdoors

The PR firm I work for has hosted this massive outdoor concert every Fourth of July weekend at Memorial Park. Last night’s show, which we guess attracted more than 50,000 people, featured Three Dog Night and the Doobie Brothers.

There were literally people everywhere. Walking posed a problem, as the massive waves of bodies didn’t move as fluidly as one would hope.

The weather was ideal for an outdoor musical experience. I’m told last year’s show was literally rained out.

I answered questions at the information tent and stuffed myself on a slice of cheese pizza, an ice cream sandwich and an ice cream cone, not to mention a huge glass of lemonade.

At the end of the evening, my only duty was to power up a massive generator for outdoor lighting. Two tries and I was successful.

Earlier in the day, I watched a parking lot to ensure only staff and volunteers parked their vehicles there. One gentleman, and his teenage son, tried to park in the lot. When I told him no, he replied:

“Why are you torturing us like this?”

So riddle me this: How can an annual outdoor concert that is absolutely free and open to the public be considered torture?


3 thoughts on “The Great Outdoors

  1. A fitting quote:

    Just ignore the complaining guy… it’s his own fault for getting there too late for a good parking space. I parked at 57th & Emilie… that’s 8-10 blocks away. had a half-hour walk from where he parked. And as I was walking back to my car, I saw an old man walking with a cane taking his granddaughter back to their car. That was at about 55th & Harney. I didn’t hear any complaining about our parking spaces. The people you saw have nothing to complain about!

    Tell whoever would care that you guys did a great job with the show!

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