Current Top 6

I’ve been tagged by Shannon, my Bend friend, to list my current six favorite songs. I should explain that current, for me, can mean this week, this day or this hour. It changes constantly.

Here’s my list, in no particular order:

(1) “Let It Rain” — Tilly and the Wall, Wild Like Children

(2) “Fix You” — Coldplay, X&Y

(3) “So Weit Wie Noch Nie” — Jürgen Paape, DJ Kicks

(4) “Carry That Weight” — The Beatles, Abbey Road

(5) “Another Travelin’ Song” — Bright Eyes, I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning

(6) “Streetlights” — Josh Rouse, Nashville

*In an effort to keep this going, I now call upon jpel, cindy0240, shawnwrites, mathkiss, marq_manner, ecotopian, thisvintagegirl and missbunnie to do the same.


2 thoughts on “Current Top 6

  1. Wow you’re so sophisticated and cool. I wish I liked bands from Deutschland other than Falco, of course, and Nina so I could say I like cool hipster songs. You must be a freelance writer. And Bright Eyes? Conor Oberst? OK that song is cool, but he’s a loser. Anybody want to get a pool started on the day he’ll OD?

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