not guilty x 10

When I heard the phrase “not guilty” spoken 10 separate times yesterday during live coverage of Michael Jackson’s trial, I can’t say I was surprised. Although the charges I read about sounded terrible, they didn’t link together to create a solid case against the pop star.

It seems the media treats Jackson like a freak, a weirdo. But the judicial system, I think, did its job. The prosecution didn’t have enough evidence to prove Jackson is an illegal man.

Sure, Jacko may be a little odd, but that doesn’t immediately make him a without-a-doubt criminal.

In other news: The rain has finally stopped, after about a week’s worth of wetness. Here comes the sun!


2 thoughts on “not guilty x 10

  1. From OGSan

    Finally some other white person agrees with me. Not that I’m white. You know what I’m sayin’ …

    All day at work people were going on and on and on about how because he’s famous and rich he can afford good lawyers and that’s why he got off. Well did anybody stop to think … “Hmm … maybe he DIDN’T DO IT!” Lata foo.


    A photo for your readers. My new car and my new girlfriend. I can’t decide which I like more.

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