wednesday update

Hello, to you and you and you. How lovely to see you on this humid and soon-to-be-stormy Wednesday evening.

Monday night was spent seeing The Shins play at Sokol. What a fantastic show! Several people in Omaha had some pretty harsh words about the show; but I, for one, loved every minute of it. I agree that much — if not all — of their songs Monday night sounded exactly like their CDs, but it was the band’s on-stage performance that captivated me most. They were chatty and fun and relaxed and excited, all at the same time. It was as if they genuinely loved performing in front of a sold-out crowd. And they smiled! And joked! It’s quite a change from other bands I’ve seen at Sokol.

Tonight, Matthew and I strolled through the Old Market. We dined at Zio’s and had coffee at Aroma’s. Lovely! I managed to make a stop at Homer’s this evening, as well, to pick up “Cold Roses,” the latest two-CD set by Ryan Adams and the Cardinals. I’ve only listened to the first three songs on the first CD, but my ears are already happy.

Last night a massive storm blew through Omaha, bringing three huge branches crashing to the ground in the back yard. The damage was such that it removed the cable and telephone wires from the house. Someone from Cox Communications is supposed to come out to the house Thursday afternoon to make the proper repairs.

I hear thunder. Another round of storms is almost here.


6 thoughts on “wednesday update

    • Not to rub it in, but it was a wonderful show :-) From what I hear, The Shins don’t often tour. They’ve built their following in a rather secretive, underground way.

      Then they were included on the “Garden State” soundtrack.

  1. I just got that album in the mail today. I haven’t even taken off the plastic.

    And, I was supposed to see The Shins a few months back but somebody flaked.

    You have good taste in music, girl.

  2. what’s my problem?

    I dunno. I’ve had one of The Shin’s records (Oh, the Inverted World) for quite some time now, and it’s never done much for me. Maybe liked two or three of the songs. I bought it cuz I liked how they sounded on one of their “live” performances on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic. Am I missing something?

    • Re: what’s my problem?

      No, you’re not missing anything. I have yet to grasp why someone likes a musician, or hates a musician. It’s all about personal preferences, I guess.

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