“fabulous” doesn’t seem big enough

Matthew and I are suckers for fine dining. On a special occasion, we have no problem dropping $100 on dinner for two.

Last night, however, blew us both away. We celebrated Matthew’s birthday early with a magical meal at The Flatiron Cafe in downtown Omaha. I made reservations for 6:30 p.m. They were a bit crowded, as Opera Omaha performed last night and several music lovers wanted a bite to eat before the concert.

We were invited to relax on the outdoor patio, sipping cocktails while our table was prepared. Shortly before 7, we were seated. The host, who was fabulous, said he was pleased we were there for dinner, using the phrase “my young lovers” to describe us. I blushed!

The meal, again, was fabulous. I had the grilled salmon special, complete with bock choy, veggies and Asian rice noodles. Matthew had a fantastic pork tenderloin with asparagus and purple potatoes. He started with a glass of wine during dinner; I sipped water.

Into our meal, the host stopped by our table and gave us both a free glass of wine. Matthew had a red wine, while I had a chardonnay. The host chose these wines based on our meals. Fabulous!

We ended the evening with two desserts: creme brulee and berry cobbler. Delicious!

On our way out, the host (again: fabulous!) thanked us for our patronage. He then, in a flurry, grabbed my face and kissed me on the check. He aggressively shook Matthew’s hand as he said, “This is YOUR restaurant. We love having you here.”

This could’ve been the host just doing his job; or he really was happy to have our business. Either way, we’ll be back soon.


9 thoughts on ““fabulous” doesn’t seem big enough

  1. Sigh. Going out and about . . .

    Hey there, it’s Tim (of Tim and Christine and Vivian, I’m just a subset.)

    The Flat Iron is seriously lovely. And in that same spirit, Mark’s in Dundee (perhaps with an early stop at Dundee Cork & Bottle for a pre-dinner glass of red zin) is highly recommended, too. Can’t say anything bad about Lo Sole Mio, either.

    And do it now. Having the little 1 1/2 year old monster is a great and good thing, but getting out and about to adult places . . . there’s a time and a place for all good things. Me? We’re just happy that the new HyVee at 50th and Center is open.

    Have a weekend.


    • Re: Sigh. Going out and about . . .

      Thanks for your thoughts. It was an absolutely lovely evening.

      Matt was able to check out the back rooms of the new Hy Vee on Tuesday. He and a handful of his Hy Vee cohorts made a special trip. I guess they drove around the parking lot for 10 minutes, trying to find a place to park.

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