a typical situation

I was hired by Leslie Kline Lukas & Associates in March. Just before Christmas last year, I interviewed for a writing job in the marketing department of Company B. Turns out Company B recently hired LKL&A to assist with its internal communication. And, as luck would have it, I was put on the account. I attended a meeting last week at Company B with a handful of their employees, one of whom I exchanged emails with about the writing job. He remembered who I was, which was awkward. I’d wish he would’ve forgotten the whole situation, but he hadn’t.

It probably wasn’t as uncomfortable as I recall it being, but it was a moment to remember, nonetheless.


5 thoughts on “a typical situation

  1. i don’t get it

    Why is it uncomfortable? Sounds like a good opportunity to show them the mistake they made in not hiring you. ;)

    • Re: i don’t get it

      Yeah, I thought that, too. But it was still kind of uncomfortable — for me, at least — when he first brought up the topic before our meeting.

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