saturday’s calm has arrived

What a weekend. Let’s begin from the beginning, although I’m not quite certain Friday evening qualifies as the weekend.


My friend, Brian, and I picked up my new desk from Nebraska Furniture Mart. [Note: This photo is taken from the manufacturer’s Web site.] We then decided to grab a bite to eat, since both of us were pretty hungry. Oh, but had we only known what Omaha’s restaurant scene is like on a Friday night! We made stops at three different restaurants because the wait was at least 45 minutes to an hour at each establishment. No thanks. After a 10 minute wait, we dined on Zio’s pizza. Good stuff. We headed over to our local watering hole for a few cocktails where we were served by a lackluster waitress. She was friendly, just not very attentive. And when it came time to get our check and get the hell out of there, we were forced to wait for 10 minutes because she was chatting with friends and selecting songs on the juke box.


Today, my dad and I emptied and moved the water softener in my basement, which evolved into a two-hour ordeal. I spent my afternoon at a new mall in West Des Moines, about two hours east of Omaha. What fun! After drooling in the Apple Store and J. Crew, I made my way to Forever 21, where I snagged a handful of oh-so-spring items, both for work and play. I love that store, although I’m 26 years old!

I purchased a ticket to tonight’s M. Ward concert, but am just too darn tired to go. I’m getting so old.


What are you thinking?

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