less than a postage stamp

While at the grocery store earlier this evening, I came across a display of Raman noodles at the end of an aisle. The boring sign, complete with an awful sans serif font, simply stated that a package of Raman noodles would cost a would-be shopper a measly 9¢.

Yes, you read that correct: nine pennies.

So, in theory, a person could have a meal — sans a beverage, unless you count tap water — for 9¢.

For fun, let’s keep track of how many items cost more than 9¢. I’ll go first.

(1) A postage stamp.
(2) A phone call on a pay phone.
(3) A fake tattoo from one of those filthy, poorly placed machines near the automatic doors of Your Favorite Grocery Store.
(4) A can of soda.
(5) Twenty minutes at a parking meter in downtown Omaha.


2 thoughts on “less than a postage stamp

  1. Things that cost less than 9c:
    1 minute on a cell phone, or long distance on a land line.
    8 pennies.
    A nickel.

    Things that cost more than 9c:
    Everything else.

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