one of the last tuesdays

Tuesdays have become like a regular person’s Saturday or Sunday. A day to accomplish the smaller projects that can’t be done during the work week. Now that I’ll have an actual weekend, I’ll be able to finish those tasks at that time.

So far this morning, I have organized my closet; bagged up a few items to take to the Goodwill; and listed a few things on eBay. A busy bee am I.

Today, it’s work, as well as stops at the bank, post office and Goodwill. And perhaps a stop at the grocery store for milk and yogurt.

Tonight: Modest Mouse!


One thought on “one of the last tuesdays

  1. I so need to purge my stuff…I have so much stuff I don’t need (and don’t feel like moving when I move in June)…yuck. I’ve been lucky though…I’ve managed to sell about 150 dollars worth of stuff so far on ebay.

    Good luck with the productivity of cleaning!!


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