so smooth it’s scary

While running on the treadmill at the Y this morning, my iPod’s earbuds came unplugged three or four times. I set my iPod on a little shelf to the right of the digital display. As I’m running, my arms get tangled in the cords and – bam! – the earbuds become unplugged. It’s pretty embarrassing when it happens. Although I keep running, I struggle to plug my earbuds back into my iPod.

Anyone out there use the iPod shuffle when running? Your thoughts?


6 thoughts on “so smooth it’s scary

  1. First impressions are all-too-important. :(

    Can you get the beltclip attached to you somewhere that won’t interfere with you running? Just above your behind, perhaps?

    (An aside: I just added you because you always post in , and you always seem really nice and friendly, so I just read a few posts on your recent entries page and that kinda reinforced my opinion. That and I really like your default usericon. So, yeah. Hi. I’m Aaron. A 20 year old student from London, currently stuck 260 miles from home at the University of Durham. I post sporadically, both in my journal, and in my videoblog. Uh… hi!)

    • Re: First impressions are all-too-important. :(

      I’m able to attach the belt clip to my shorts, but it’s much too heavy. When I run, in bounces around; so much so that I’m sure it would fly off while I’m running.

      Nice to meet you, Aaron :-) I’m glad you like my icon. It’s a photo I took of myself after I got my new glasses.

      I’m friending you, as well!

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