modest mouse

Modest Mouse is in town Tuesday. Can’t wait! I’m glad I got my ticket before the show sold out. It should be a good one.

Matthew bought me “Nashville,” the new album by Josh Rouse. I haven’t yet given it a listen, but I’m sure it’s delicious, as is his other work. Hang oh, Josh. I’ll be with you shortly.

I made a playlist called “At The Y” for when I’m working out. Any suggestions on what song absolutely has to be on there?


5 thoughts on “modest mouse

  1. Oh, Jerk it Out by the Caesars. It’s the song off of the new iPod shuffle commercial. That songs makes me dance everytime!

    I’m so jealous that you get to go see Modest Mouse! You’re soooo lucky!

      • Well, they have organs like Mates of State…They’re kind of unique. I haven’t heard much of the whole album…I only have the Jerk it Out song to put on my Shuffle when it gets here….You could go into the iTunes store and sample the rest of the album if you’re looking to buy it…?

        Sorry if this wasn’t too helpful.


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