free-lance projects aren’t free

Perhaps they’re called free-lance projects because they’re accomplished in one’s free time.

For me, free-lance projects yield extra cash and opportunities to become a better writer. I love them. But even I occasionally have a tough time finding motivation on the weekend. True, here I sit at my weekend job (Saturdays from 10-5; Sundays from noon-5) with my PowerBook within arm’s reach. But I love reading news online, blogging, catching up on e-mail. These are tasks that don’t require much — if any — creativity.

No project worthwhile was ever easy, now was it?

I’m reminded of the YYY concert last year in Omaha. Karen O had a safety pin attached to her costume that night. The safety pin opened and poked her in the thigh.

Her response? “Fuck! Safety pins aren’t safe!”

Ah, Karen. You little minx, you.


2 thoughts on “free-lance projects aren’t free

  1. How about freelance as in a knight’s “free lance” for hire. A knight without a lord would work for anyone who paid well. Sometimes twice in the same battle, if you catch my meaning. So working freelance could be literally working as a knight with a “free lance” would. Maybe. Just a thought.

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