we’re back; hip hip hooray

LiveJournal is back from the brink. Welcome back, LJ. It was funny how I drafted LJ entries in my head while at work yesterday, but couldn’t post them. True, I could’ve dumped my brain’s garbage into a Microsoft Word document, but how much fun would that be? There’s no “immediate gratification” with posting blog posts to a Word file.

Saw Bright Eyes play Sokol Friday night. An OK show, but certainly not one of Conor’s best performances. He was rather quiet; a little boring. I received two magazines in the mail over the weekend, Interview and Rolling Stone. Both has glowing things to say about our boy Conor. RS referred to Conor as “Rock’s Boy Genius.”

Not bad for a kid who graduated from a Catholic high school.


2 thoughts on “we’re back; hip hip hooray

    • Creighton Prep? Conor’s a ’98 grad. I just finished reading the Rolling Stone interview with him. Good article. Lots of Omaha references, included one of my favorite bars :-)

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